Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cottage Grove and Eugene

On to my last stop.. 

I zigzagged all over Eugene and south of Eugene and spent my last night in Cottage Grove. I had brought tons of addresses of properties for sale and had fun on a little scavenger type hunt. Intermittent phone service made for some interesting detours.

Stopped to say hi to some chickens

Saw so many trailers and funky vehicles

One of the farms I went to look at

One of about 10 times I turned around and went back to take a photo

A covered bridge! Doesn't get much more charming than this.

I really like crossing rivers and streams.

I arrived before my hosts and made myself at home. My little cottage looked like a fairytale! I felt like I was in a life sized dollhouse. I wandered around the property a bit and was hissed at by one of three geese (who I name Manny, Moe and Jack). I saw the most beautiful bunnies with cocoa noses and fur like velvet.

My very own cottage!

Rustic Loft

Yay! I get to cross another bridge. My little cottage for the night. Cottage Grove, OR

Another funky cottage on the property

The third cottage...And he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down!



Cute little critter

Neighbor's property

Wish I could have spent some time with this owner...

Bitchin Bus!

Backwoods cottage

Private pond

My host invited me to walk with her to go get her cows and goats who were grazing in the neighbor's pasture. She puts a lead on one of the cows, and the rest follow. Pretty amusing to see cows run so fast and so awkwardly! 

The hosts had been vegans for many years and went back to meat diet for health reasons. They didn't want to be hypocrites, so raise their own rabbits, chickens, ducks and goats for food. I appreciate that mentality, but I can't relate at all. I just want to save them all ;)

Later I got to help her son round up all the chickens and ducks for the night. We ran around in circles for awhile as one or two were quite elusive. I haven't held a duck since I was a teenager and had my pet duck, Elmer. I think I love their quirkiness and awkwardness. They always seem to be confused.

Cow kisses! They would not stop licking my gloves <3

Loose cow

Salad bar
Running of the cows. And goats.

Third place I stayed I was told to pee in the woods. It was kinda nice.

Mountain Rose Herbs Headquarters. Drool. Eugene, OR

Drove under this and made a u-turn just cause

Farm for sale

Really like this spot :)

Umpqua River

Just pulled off the road to sit by the river for a bit

Green forever

Despite other, more appropriate dog toys, Thorin ran off with my keys

I saw a photo of this car on Instagram a few days earlier and did not know where it was. I stopped to get gas and looked across the street and there it was! Sutherlin, OR

Another farm for sale!

Just one weeklong beautiful view

Roadtrips are always most fun. But this was probably one of the best trips I've ever had. I felt completely free and inspired. Completely in control and empowered. Overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of beauty I encountered. I think I am in love...

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