Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just hanging out in a yurt on the Willamette River...

My next stop was just outside of Eugene. I was quite excited about spending some time here, but left Portland really late and did not arrive until about 10 pm. My host was so kind and met me with a lantern. Three gates and several acres later, she set me up in my own little yurt, propane heater and all. It was pitch black and I fell asleep to frogs and the peaceful lull of the river close by. It wasn't until the morning that I realized what I was in the middle of. I could barely take it all in. I so wished someone was there with me just to see. I have never spent any time around rivers, but they are my new favorite. I love the ocean tremendously, and I'm not especially fond of lakes. They are stagnant and have slimy bottoms. But rivers and streams and creeks move and have life.

There is an eagle nest and I crossed my fingers to time. 

Open my front door of my yurt to this.. are you kidding me??

Shower and outhouse

Fresh eggs and greens from the garden cooked on my little propane stove. Homemade jam and almond milk smoothie

View of the farm from my yurt

Definitely coming back here. I need to spend at least a few hours reading in these chairs

There's my yurt! :)

Strolling down the property along the Willamette River

I wandered around the property and hung out with my host, Shaundele for a bit. She has lived there for 14 years and used to be a school principal. She used to travel a lot and every time she went to a different country, she would adopt and bring back a cat. She has cats from Japan, Egypt, Kuwait, and Bangladesh. She is a vegan and the turkeys were all rescued from Thanksgiving dinner :) <3

Turkeys! Turkey butt hehehe

He had one blue eye and one brown. Sweetheart.

We found kitties sleeping in the greenhouse

Shaundele and Bodhi

Handyman came by. His bus is pretty badass.

The farm. Eugene, OR

I had lots of space to myself


I would love to have coffee here every morning

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