Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Myrtle Glen Farm

I have an idea of what I would like Sanctuary to have or look like, but it's been a tad blurry and mostly fragmented, a compilation of photos I have saved. Or just an idealistic picture in my head. A fairytale version... Enter Myrtle Glen Farm. Holy shit, this is the space I want to model Sanctuary on.

I don't even know where to begin with this place. Every minute there was something better than the last. This place had everything. A stream with a bridge, a beautiful house, a yoga studio, hot tub, fantastic outdoor space with smoker/barbeque, a pasture for goats, a pond for the ducks, chicken coop, barn, rusty bus, orchard, organic veggies, a prep room, food storage cave, a forest to hike, goofy dogs and aloof cats (one who mysterious perched himself on top of a cabinet in the bathroom and stalked me in the shower) .....and and and...

It was also the most clean and organized little farm/homestead I've ever seen. The previous owner is an engineer and everything was so functional and efficient. Everything had a proper place. And to top it off, he also is a photographer with a great sense of aesthetics and all around interesting person. Best of both worlds! A young couple just purchased the farm and he is helping them transition. I have to say, I'm incredibly envious. But they are just lovely themselves and I loved hanging out with them.

I wish I would have taken more photos...of the beautiful homemade cider and golden plum wine that flowed over an amazing organic dinner and lively conversation. Of the pantry full of mason jars of mushrooms as the new owners are avid mushroom hunters... But didn't want my phone out every second. I really wanted to just enjoy the moments. I think I got enough photos to capture the general feel.

I am already planning to spend at least a week here in the next few months. It is a rare and magical place and I want to absorb as much of their mindset as possible.

After miles of beautiful windy roads, I arrive at Myrtle Glen Farms

Tilly and Sequoia 

My bedroom! Perfectly appointed with a view of the pasture.

My bedroom with door out to deck.

The owner brought his family to the farm 30 years ago in this old delivery van 

Cathy was like a puppy and would not leave me alone :)


Goats! <3

Wonderful barn with guest quarters in the works

Of course they have a bathtub in the garden :)

I loved the sense of humor on the farm. Such a down to earth vibe and I can't wait to go back!

Bob and Joanne

Bob looks like he's stepping on hot coals. I love ducks <3

Sequoia. I wish I could spell the cartoon sound for when dogs make this face.

The dance/yoga studio~I didn't even get a chance to get over to this part of the property

So organized~Potting Shed

Just amazing property


Oops' favorite spot~She's fifteen but acts like a pup

David~carving spoons and telling stories. With Wwoofers and new owners.

Gorgeous house

The house has 18 skylights and was built by David. His wife liked lots of light.

Loft Office

Great space for conversation

Cool spaces around every corner. The little screened cat house on the left has a secret door with a ramp that goes down into the utility room then outside through a cat door.

Perfect greenhouse

This room made me very happy. It's a second kitchen area just for prepping. And it has a red kitchen chair!

Prep Room :D

Heart of the house

Leaving the farm for a little hiking excursion

Oops was the best guide. Exploring the farm's 30 acres into the forest

Flashy snail

Goat protectors

Back towards the farm after my hike

I can't remember the black goat's name, but he spent most of his time jumping up and down on the black box like it was a trampoline

Wwoofers are going to tile the new guest quarters in the barn

No dogs allowed

Tilly and Sequoia

David and Dan (old and new owners) Can't wait to hang out with these guys again!

Micha at work. Amazing cook and super sweet.

Across the bridge they have another pasture~this is the exit/entrance back onto main road.

Apparently I picked up a hitchhiker on one of the farms. Eek!

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