Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Onward to my next stop, Portland. I took the coast for a bit. I would have loved to go up to Astoria and see the Goonies house, but that will have to wait until next time..

Oregon Dunes

Florence, OR~ Hecata Head lighthouse and seals~middle right of frame. There were tons and I could hear them barking all the way from the cliff!

Chilly beach

Disappearing bridge

I arrived at my next stop and was welcomed by the sweetest host, Sharon. She moved up ten years ago from Silver Lake. She knows all the cool places and was a kick! I was really curious about what she did in the past, but she was kinda vague and it intrigued me even more. She invited me out to dinner on Alberta Street and we had a bit of a Mr. Toad's wild ride there.. ;/ She had a beautiful home and I slept so happily on a tempurpedic mattress which I've always wanted to try.

My welcome note (little misspelling, but who cares?) from my sweet host in Portland

Door to my room from the garden


View from the huge deck, Alberta Arts District, Portland, OR

Sharon, my host in Portland. 

Strolling around Alberta Arts neighborhood~Yummy breakfast at Helser's on Alberta

Came across this in person! Always loved~I pinned two years ago! See?:

Juice Bus!

Alberta Arts alley

Delicious tea and best taste in animal choices :)

Garden at Townshend's Tea

I like that thought....

Athena, my affectionate housemate at second Portland location in Hawthorne District

Quaint little house I stayed at in Hawthorne District

Ate lots of breakfasts in Portland. They like really big portions. Jam on Hawthorne was my favorite.

Farmer's market tent in between the many many food trucks and trailers

Love it~just driving down some random street

Hitchhiker still on board. Poor little guy is going to be really confused when he gets off

Random driving~Reed College, Old Dorm Building

Portland has hanging street lights!!

Hawthorne District

I've always said that I must always live in a neighborhood with a purple house...

Absolutely in love with Camellias 

Laurelhurst Park, Portland

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